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Franking Machine RangeBrowse our range of franking machines avaible for quotage.

Below you will be able to see some franking machines that we provide quotes for. All the ones listed below are franking machines currently in stock we also have a range of franking machines from multiple manufacturers. All franking machines below are maintained and supplied by Mailcoms the UK's most loved franking machine supplier and maintainer. They are also one of only two companies in the world to have their own brand of franking ink to be Royal Mail approved. They are also a Royal Mail authorised inspector and maintainer.

Our in stock Franking Machine Range

Below is our range of franking machines organised from lowest to highest franking volumes

Mailstart Plus
up to 20 letters/items a day
up to 100 letters/items a day
Mailbase Pro
up to 200 letters/items a day
Mailbase Plus
up to 300 letters/items a day
Mailbase Speed
up to 500 letters/items a day

Mailstart Plus

The BRAND NEW Mailstart Plus is our new low cost entry level MAILMARK ready 'Smart' machine that's small, compact and can frank at speeds of up to 20 letters or labels a minute. Also includes a removable 2.5kg scale platform including all UK and worldwide postal rates. Mailmark™ Compatible


The Mailbase digital 'Smart' machine supports all your mailing needs for the small office use. With its semi-automatic envelope feeding at 30 letters per minute it’s flexible enough for larger runs of mail and yet the perfect for smaller volumes. Mailmark™ Compatible

Mailbase Pro

The BRAND NEW Mailbase Pro digital postal system is an enhanced version of our standard new Mailbase operating a speeds of 45 items per minute, a larger 5kg postal scale and 100 cost centres. Built in 5kg weigh scale and all UK and worldwide postal rates. Mailmark™ Compatible

Mailbase Plus

The BRAND NEW Mailbase Plus 'Mailmark' enabled 'Smart' postal system includes a semi automatic envelope feeder operating at 65 items per minute, automatic label dispenser, cost centres, and a 'QWERTY' keyboard for easily changed advertising messages. Mailmark™ Compatible

Mailbase Speed

The BRAND NEW Mailbase Speed 'Mailmark' enabled Smart digital postal system is an enhanced version of our new Mailbase Plus with the addtion of a Fully Automatic Envelope Feeder and increased operating a speeds of 95 items per minute. Mailmark™ Compatible

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